AGON by AOC Teams Up with Point Blank for PBIC 2024!

AGON by AOC Teams Up with Point Blank for PBIC 2024!

Hey everyone! Have you heard the latest news in the gaming world? AGON by AOC, a big name in gaming monitors, is teaming up with Point Blank for the Point Blank International Championship (PBIC) 2024. This huge event is going to happen at Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta from February 29 to March 3, 2024. Let’s dive into what this partnership means and how it’s going to make the championship even more awesome!

AGON by AOC: The Official Monitor for PBIC 2024

AGON by AOC is super excited to be the Official Gaming Monitor for PBIC 2024. It’s like being the official soccer ball in a big soccer tournament. They’re bringing their top-notch monitors to the championship, which is going to make the gaming experience even better for the players.

High-Quality Gaming Experience

With AGON by AOC monitors, players at PBIC 2024 are going to enjoy some really cool visual quality and quick responsiveness. Imagine playing your favorite game with super clear graphics and no lag – that’s what these monitors are all about!

Not Just PBIC, But Also PNBC

It’s not just PBIC 2024 that’s getting the AGON by AOC treatment. They’re also the official monitor for the Point Blank National Championship. That means even more gamers will get to experience the awesomeness of these monitors.

50 Monitors on the Field!

AGON by AOC is bringing a whopping 50 gaming monitors for both PBIC and PNBC. It’s like bringing a fleet of supercars to a car race. These monitors are going to make every match look and feel amazing.

Experience the Best at the AGON Booth

At the event, AGON by AOC is setting up an experience booth where you can check out their high-end gaming monitors. They’re showcasing cool stuff like the AGON 6 OLED and AGON x Porsche PD49. It’s a chance for everyone to see and feel the latest in gaming monitor technology.

Why AGON Monitors Are So Cool

Here’s why AGON monitors are great for gaming:

  • Super Clear Graphics: You get to see every detail in the game.
  • Fast Response: No lag means you can react quickly in the game.
  • Top-Notch Technology: These monitors have the latest and greatest tech for gaming.

Get Hands-On at the Event

If you’re going to the championship, make sure to visit the AGON booth. You can try out the SLOTJARWO monitors and see for yourself why they’re so special. It’s like test-driving a cool new car.

Conclusion: A Game-Changer for PBIC 2024

AGON by AOC’s partnership with Point Blank for PBIC 2024 is a big deal. It’s going to make the gaming experience top-notch for the players and add an extra layer of excitement for everyone watching. Whether you’re a player or a fan, these monitors are going to make PBIC 2024 an event to remember. So, get ready to experience gaming like never before with AGON by AOC!